Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Organized Play

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is an in-store weekly mini-campaign played out one scenario per session, with sessions every Wednesday. Players can sign up in advance.

How Can I Play?
We run at least one session of the weekly scenario every Wednesday, with table sizes of 2 – 6 players. We regularly host more than one table per night, so we usually have space!

What Do I Need to Play?
A Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class Deck is required to play.

What Does it Cost?
We ask everyone who wants to participate to purchase $5 in Store Credit. This entitles the player to $5 off anything in the shop including food and drinks. This also allows us to compensate our Game Masters for their hard work and dedication. It also allows us to purchase new adventures from the publishers.


You can sign up for individual sessions through our Online Store.


Have a Fantastic Halloween!

In order to give our employees the opportunity to celebrate the BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR, The Haunted Game Cafe will be closing at 6pm on Friday.

From all us Ghoolies and Ghosties, have a great, safe, spooky and fun Halloween!

Extra Life 2014 Wrap Up

Our Fourth Annual Extra Life event ended Sunday Morning at whatever time it was. Who remembers?

What we will all remember is the fantastic fun we had and the touching generosity of the gaming community.

As of this posting, $1235.00 was raised for Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Congratulations and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated, donated money or donated time to publicizing the event.

Overall, Extra Life raised over $5.5 MILLION DOLLARS for local children’s hospitals.

It’s not too late to donate. Just click over to

Here’s a list of the games that were played:

2014-10-27 20.04.09

  • Las Vegas
  • Machi Koro
  • Camel Up
  • Dropzone Commander
  • Twilight Struggle
  • Kemble’s Crusade
  • Suburbia
  • Sushi Go!
  • 7 Wonders
  • The Duke
  • Notre Dame
  • Android: Netrunner
  • Trains
  • Splendor
  • Thunder Alley
  • Red Dragon Inn
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Istanbul
  • Among the Stars
  • Flash Duel
  • Alea Acta Est
  • Witch’s Brew
  • Star Fluxx
  • Doomtown: Reloaded
  • Safranito
  • King’s Forge
  • Pandemic
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


Spotlight Game and New Additions

If you’re looking to try something new, Warhammer: Diskwars, published by Fantasy Flight Games, is our current SPOTLIGHT game!


Set amid the constant warfare of the Old World, Warhammer: Diskwars is a game of ferocious, fast-paced tabletop battles for two to four players. At the heart of the game’s conflicts are its disks, which represent heroes and units from across the Old World. During the game, you activate these disks, flipping them end over end to move them across the battlefield and position them to attack.

With a host of terrain cards, objectives, command cards, and more than sixty disks for the game’s four races, the Core Set includes everything you need to build your first armies and dive into the fray!


But wait!  What if you just want to play an old favorite?


Well, then check out USAopoly’s re-themed versions of classic games: Firefly Clue and Doctor Who Risk.




River has been betrayed and handed over to the Alliance! Now with CLUE®: Firefly Edition, help the Serenity crew discover who is working with the Alliance, what they used to betray River, and where on Serenity the kidnapping took place. Was it Inara with the Med Kit in the Engine Room? Or Mal with the Leather Necklace in the passenger dorm? Solve the mystery and save River!



In Doctor Who Risk, you can play as one of 5 different armies, with Classic or New Dalek Paradigm, as you fight for supremacy. The Doctor will do his best to stop you, but with all new game play chances for survival are slim! New game play includes a Doctor Regeneration Strip and objective based Power and Mission cards.


These and more playable NOW in The Haunted Game Cafe’s open game library!

Android Netrunner: Black ICE Tournament

Netrunner Black Ice Logo 700x300

The Haunted Game Cafe will be hosting an Android: Netrunner Tournament – Black ICE – on Saturday 22nd November:

Sportsmanship Award

Play Fair, be polite and have fun – win a Prize! Voted for by players on the night.

Most Fun Deck

Wait, was that a Weyland deck? Befuddled by a Starlight Crusade/Duggars combo?

Vote for your Most Fun Deck Played of the evening, help our more inventive players win prizes.


As always Black ICE will offer prizes for participation and top players. Come along and test out your decks in a friendly atmosphere.

~ Saturday 22nd November ~ 6pm until Close ~ $5 admission ~


Begin Your Conquest!




In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, you command one of seven factions in the grim darkness of the far future. To achieve victory, you must conquer three planets that share a type, demonstrating your utter control of the sector. You need to balance winning battles in the present against the necessity of planning and preparing for future battles, even as you gather additional resources and card draw.


warhammer conquest card_Fan

Each faction has its own unique warlord that reinforces a unique play style, allowing the units from each faction to support completely different decks.

You may prefer to fight with the Space Marines, proud and resourceful warriors who trigger their most powerful abilities on the field of the battle. Or you may wage war with the Astra Militarum, the armed forces of the Imperium who think nothing of spending millions of lives to claim a single world for the Emperor. The Orks, however, only get stronger as they take damage, introducing massive units who can take a hit and strike back even harder.

Chaos forms the fourth faction included in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. With a myriad direct damage effects, you can quickly drag your opponent under the corruption of the Warp. Players may also turn to the Dark Eldar, a faction that features a host of powerful events that can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favour. The Eldar’s psychic powers and Craftsworlds make them a dangerous, control-based faction. Eldar forces can quickly eliminate your opponent’s options, exhausting enemy units and canceling enemy effects. Finally, the adherents of the Tau empire cut a bloody swath through the battlefield with hyper-advanced technology. These attachments and wargear give you a way to enhance your own unit’s power and defeat your opponent.



warhammer conquest alignment-chart

Each of these factions is arranged around an alignment wheel, allowing each faction to borrow cards from adjacent factions, opening the doors for nearly unlimited deckbuilding opportunities. In future expansions for Conquest, two additional factions – the Tyranids and the Necrons – will join the array of playable factions.

As with all Living Card Games, The Haunted Game Cafe offers a subscription service for all the upcoming War Packs for Warhammer 40K Conquest. Sign up through our ONLINE SYSTEM and we’ll put aside the newest pack as soon as it arrives, plus you’ll get 10% off the price. There’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

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Warhammer 40K: Conquest Core Set

Available NOW!


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