Android Netrunner LCG: Upstalk Data Pack

netrunner upstalk

Welcome to a life one-point-two seconds out of the ordinary!

When cyber explorer Nasir Meidan’s obsessive search for the net’s legendary source protocols leads him beyond the reaches of Earth’s atmosphere, he discovers powerful fragments of pure coding, startling new ice, and a wealth of data that neither he nor anyone else could have ever expected…

What can happen in one-point-two seconds? With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Upstalk, the first Data Pack in the Lunar Cycle for Android: Netrunner, transports Android: Netrunner to an all-new meat space: the moon. Here, the game defies standard expectations. Runners and Corps explore new strategies, as do many of the game’s cards and mechanics. Here, Corporate trace attempts can punish Runners even when they fail. Corporate assets are everywhere, there’s no life outside of Corporate-sponsored air, and there’s a chance that those who manage or run the net may encounter a shard or fragment of the mythical source code.

It takes an adaptable mind to navigate lunar lag. Many have tried. Few have succeeded. When the cyberstruggles of Android: Netrunner head to the moon, will you try to run lunar servers from the earth? Or will you assemble your rig Upstalk?

Available NOW!

SRP: $14.95




Android: Netrunner – Black ICE Tournament

Netrunner Black Ice Logo 700x300

The Haunted Game Cafe will be hosting an Android: Netrunner Tournament – Black ICE – on Saturday 6th September. With the game growing into it’s third cycle and the fun changes coming with Upstalk and beyond, we’re changing up our events for players new and old:

Sportsmanship Award

Play Fair, be polite and have fun – win a Prize! Voted for by players on the night.

Most Fun Deck

Someone running Professor? Obliterated by a Silouette/Wyrm deck, and still had fun?

Vote for your Most Fun Deck Played of the evening, help our more inventive players win prizes.


As always Black ICE will offer prizes for participation and top players. Come along and test out your decks in a friendly atmosphere.

~ Saturday 6th September ~ 6pm until Close ~ $5 admission ~

Fate RPG: Atomic Robo Core Rules


In 1923, Nikola Tesla’s career is in its twilight… until he unveils a robot with automatic intelligence – ATOMIC ROBO! After decades of dealing with all manner of weirdness, Atomic Robo and the so-called Action Scientists of Tesladyne become the go-to defense force against the unexplained! See ROBO take on Nazis, giant ants, clockwork mummies, walking pyramids, Mars, cyborgs, and his nemesis, Baron von Helsingard!

atomic robo 02

Action! Science! Robots! Punching! More Science! Are you ready for two-fisted science adventure? Face-down demented dinosaurs, rogue government agents, and stolen Tesla-powered technologies in the Atomic Robo RPG!

atomic robo 03

Powered by the Fate Core system, this is action science like you’ve never seen before – straight from the pages of the popular Atomic Robo comics by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Play as an action scientist or immortal robot, super-spy or pulp adventurer – or something stranger still from the hidden corners of super-science!

atomic robo 04

Available: NOW

SRP: $34.99




Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook & Game Master’s Kit

age of rebellion 04

You and your wingmates barely manage to evade the laser blasts fired by the trio of TIE interceptors on your backs long enough to weave through an asteroid field, only to find an Imperial Star Destroyer dropping out of hyperspace ahead of you on the opposite side…

Welcome to life in the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game!

age of rebellion 03

As a member of the Rebel Alliance, you’re part of an outmatched, rag-tag resistance group fighting in a civil war that spans the galaxy. Your enemies are more numerous and better funded. Their tactics rely upon the overwhelming strength of their TIEs, troopers, and Star Destroyers – and they’re everywhere.

age of rebellion 02

In Age of Rebellion, your success is vital to the Rebellion. It’s vital to the Rebellion’s next intelligence operation or military success, and it’s vital to the people you know and for whom you care. Your missions are matters of life or death. Your actions touch upon the fates of hundreds of planets and thousands of Rebels. This is war, and you must prevail, no matter the odds.

age of rebellion 01

Accordingly, you’ll play your part in reconnaissance missions, intel operations, and guerrilla operations. You may support insurgent governments or rally new recruits. You might fly to battle alongside or within capital ships, and – on rare occasions – you might even take part in a key military strike that involves the entire Rebel fleet. No matter what mission you undertake, your ultimate goals will always be to undermine the Galactic Empire and free the galaxy from its tyranny.


age of rebellion core rulebook

Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook

A complete, standalone roleplaying experience set within the Star Wars galaxy, the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook features rules for character generation and advancement, as well as extensive background information on the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance, and dozens of weapons, devices, starships, and adversaries.

Available: Now

SRP: $59.95



age of rebellion game masters kit

Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion Game Master’s Kit

Featuring a GM screen which provides a handy reference for a host of vital Game Master information, the GM’s Kit also includes expanded rules for running military squads and squadrons, plus a complete adventure (“Dead in the Water”) which challenges players to stand strong against the Empire!

Available Now

SRP: $24.95


Magic 2015 Prerelease






Warm up to the prerelease at Friday Night Magic:

Friday July 11th – 6pm

Friday Night Magic

Two-Headed Giant Standard

1 Box of M15 to the Winning Team (upon release)

$20 Entry Fee Per Team, minimum 6 teams to award a box.


Come to one of the Magic 2015 Core Set Prerelease Events and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!


What Happens There?

There are five Magic 2015 core set Prerelease Packs, one for each color. Each comes with a seeded booster pack that corresponds with that color. When you show up at a Prerelease you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards using the Sealed Deck format. Players will make a deck using packs contained in the Prerelease Pack. Land will be available to borrow.  Each seeded booster pack contains a promo card, which players may include in their tournament decks.

Included with the Magic 2015 core set  Prerelease Packs is an oversized Garruk the Slayer planeswalker card. This is an optional activity for players to enjoy between rounds. One player assumes the role of Garruk the Slayer while another player challenges Garruk with his or her Prerelease deck.

magic 2015 Prerelease Garruk the Slayer Haunted Game Cafe


Friday July 11th – Midnight

Magic 2015 Core Set PreRelease

Sealed Event

$30 Entry Fee

Online Reservation with PayPal



Saturday July 12th – Noon

Magic 2015 Core Set PreRelease

Sealed Event

$30 Entry Fee

Online Reservation with PayPal



Saturday July 12th – 7pm

Magic 2015 Core Set PreRelease

Sealed Event

$30 Entry Fee

Online Reservation with PayPal


Days of Wonder Announces – Five Tribes: The Djinns of of Naqala


DOW Five Tribes 01

Crossing into the Land of 1001 Nights, your caravan arrives at the fabled Sultanate of Naqala. The old sultan just died and control of Naqala is up for grabs! The oracles foretold of strangers who would maneuver the Five Tribes to gain influence over the legendary city-state. Will you fulfill the prophecy? Invoke the old Djinns, move the Tribes into position at the right time, and the Sultanate may become yours! DOW Five Tribes 02 DOW Five Tribes 03 DOW Five Tribes 04

In this worker displacement game, players score by carefully maneuvering the Five Tribes of Meeples over the tiles that make up the ancient city/state of the Sultanate of Naqala. You need to look ahead to determine what moves will not only position you to score well, but put your opponents at a disadvantage. It’s when, how, and where you dis-place the Five Tribes of Assassins, Elders, Builders, Merchants, and Viziers that will determine your victory – or failure! DOW Five Tribes

Available in September.