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Netrunner is Cheaper Than Magic – Right?

We at the Haunted Game Cafe like card games. We are acutely aware that many, many people like card games […]

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Art of Zendikar cover

The Art of Magic: The Gathering – Zendikar

“As long as we have walked this world, we have known it as a harsh and unforgiving place. We live […]

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forbidden desert

Whispers From the Vault – We All Lose Together

With the chill season of frozen, unknowable landscapes upon us, here in the vault we turn our minds to the […]

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10am TILL 10pm
12 till 7pm
3307 S College Ave.
In the Red Lobster Plaza
Fort Collins, CO
(970) 402-2466

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Android: Netrunner Winter League

February 11, 2016 5:00 pm

~ Thursdays @ 5pm – January 7th through February 11th - $5 admission ~

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At The Haunted Game Cafe, we offer an intimate gaming experience hosting a variety of events.

  • 11February
    5:00 pm
    Android: Netrunner Winter League

    The Haunted Game Cafe will be hosting an Android: Netrunner league starting the…

  • 11February
    5:00 pm
    Game of Thrones 2nd Ed Winter League

    The Haunted Game Cafe will be hosting an Game of Thrones league starting…

  • 11February
    6:00 pm
    Android Netrunner Winter League: Draft

    This is the capstone draft event for the Netrunner Winter League.  This…

  • 12February
    6:00 pm
    Two Headed Giant Sealed Friday Night Magic

    Oath of the Gatewatch is all about teamwork. It's designed to support…

  • 13February
    1:00 pm
    Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day

    Prizes include store credit as well as Game Day promos provided by…

  • 15February
    7:00 pm
    X-Wing Winter League

    The Haunted Game Cafe will be hosting a 6 week-long X-Wing Miniatures…

  • 15February
    7:00 pm
    Miniature Mondays

      Monday nights are Miniature nights at The Haunted Game Cafe!  Stop…

  • 16February
    6:00 pm
    MTG: Tuesday Constructed Standard (3)

    Please read deckbuilding rules:

  • 17February
    6:00 pm
    Dungeons & Dragons Encounters

    D&D Encounters is our weekly Wednesday play program, geared for a casual…

  • 17February
    6:00 pm
    Role-Playing Game Night

    Stop in on Wednesday night with some friends and play your favorite…

Dark and Delicious Drinks

Smoothies, cocoa, sodas and our amazing espresso drinks.

Coffee Drinks

  • Espresso 1.86
  • Americano 1.86
  • Cappuccino 2.33
  • Latte 3.49
  • Mocha 3.86


  • Zombie Elvis 3.73
  • Vampire's Kiss 4.05
  • Irish Gothic 4.19
  • Lestat 3.73
  • The Tell-Tale Heart 2.79

Other Drinks

  • Third Street Chai Latte 3.96
  • Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate 3.00
  • Mexican Spiced Cocoa 3.96
  • Fruit Smoothies 3.73
  • Italian and Cream Sodas 2.33
  • Tea 2.10

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