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The Haunted Game Cafe is a board game store, lounge and coffee house located in the center of beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado (View map). We are a full service game store, carrying hundreds of games in a wide selection of family board games, party games, card games and hobby games. Divert yourselves with our Open Game Library, with over 160 open games available for play in the cafe. Read about some of the favorites here. Our staff will be happy to help you select a game.

Download a printable flyer that tells about our cafe, so you can share it with friends:

Our espresso is a custom blend from our friends at Jackie’s Java. With its blueberry notes and strong earthy/chocolate finish, our espresso is sure to thrill, either straight up or with steamed milk.

Our Menu

Signature Drinks
Brewed Coffee Drinks
Chai Latte Drinks
Hot Chocolate Drinks
Cold Drinks- Smoothies, Blended Lattes & Chais, Cream Soda, Italian Soda

Signature Drinks

  • Vampire’s Kiss – A raspberry mocha.
  • Lestat – A chocolate and cherry smoothie.
  • The Tell-Tale Heart – A blueberry Italian soda topped with strawberry whip cream.
  • Irish Gothic – Espresso, caramel and Irish cream blended into a cold and sweet smoothie.
  • Zombie Elvis – Chocolate, banana syrup and peanut butter. It’s the drink that killed Elvis!


  • Single, double and triple shots of our custom espresso blend.
  • Americano – Espresso and hot water mixed to the strength of brewed coffee.
  • Cappuccino – Equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam.
  • Latte – Espresso and steamed milk.
  • Mocha – Espresso, steamed milk and a shot of dark chocolate.

Brewed Coffee

  • Zombie Virus – Our custom blend of Sumatran, Colombian and Brazilian beans. Smooth and full-bodied.

Chai Latte

  • Third Street Spicy Ginger Chai - Generously spiced with Ginger and freshly milled spices, then brewed with Fair Trade Certified Black Tea.
  • Third Street Honey Vanilla Chai - A rich and aromatic blend of fine black tea, spices and just the right amount of sweetness. Our most popular flavor – full-bodied and rich.
  • Third Street Authentic Chai – A lightly sweetened and perfectly balanced blend of fine black tea and aromatic spices.

Hot Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate – A deep, rich chocolate that’s sweet and luscious.
  • Mexican Spiced Cocoa – A rich, milky cocoa taste with just enough spice & cinnamon.

Cold Drinks

  • Italian and Cream Sodas - Create your own custom soda with over 20 flavors.
  • Fruit Smoothies – Delicious flavors, including peach, mango, strawberry, strawberry-banana, and wild berry
  • Latte Smoothies - Espresso, milk and vanilla flavoring all thrown into a blender with ice.
  • Chai Tea Smoothies – Chai tea, milk and vanilla flavoring all blended together.
  • Blended Drinks – Vanilla, chocolate or a variety of flavors
  • Milk & Chocolate Milk

Tea (Hot or Cold)

The Haunted Game Cafe serves Mighty Leaf Teas

  • Orange Dulce – Black tea with hints of orange, vanilla and jasmine blossoms.
  • Organic Breakfast – A robust, wide-awake blend of English Breakfast black teas.
  • Organic Earl Grey – Gold tips of premium black tea with a twist of bergamot fruit.
  • Bombay Chai – Lively black tea chai teeming with a melange of spicy notes.
  • White Orchard – Melon and peach harmoniously blend with delicate pure China white tea.
  • Green Tea Tropical – Green tea leaves infused with sweet tropical notes.
  • Rainforest Mate – A lush, intoxicating brew of South American mate, fruit and spice.
  • Organic Mint Melange – A well-rounded infusion of fresh mint leaves.
  • Chamomile Citrus – An herbal infusion of chamomile, orange and lemon slices.