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Amonkhet Prerelease Saturday Noon

Amonkhet Prerelease Saturday Noon

time 12:00 pm

April 22, 2017

Come to one of the Amonkhet Prerelease Events and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!

What Happens There?

When you show up at a Prerelease you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards using the Sealed Deck format. Players will make a 40 card deck using packs contained in the Prerelease Pack and Basic Land. We’ll have basic land available to borrow.

After 50 minutes of deck building, players will be matched up to play a best of three games match. All players will play in every round, win or lose. Players will receive one pack of Amonkhet per match win as prize support.

The Haunted Game Cafe continues our tradition of FREE FOOD at all the prerelease events!

Saturday April 22 at 12:00 PM
This event will be capped at four rounds

Amonkhet Prerelease

Sealed Event

$30 Entry Fee

Online Reservation with PayPal