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The Games

The Haunted Game Cafe is a hobby game store with a large selection of board games, miniatures, card games, role-playing games, Magic the Gathering and more. Our friendly staff specializes in helping you find the best game for your self or a gift, based on the games that you have already played and loved. Just ask!

Role Playing Games



Haunted Game Cafe has everything you need for your at-home game role playing; and we also offer in-house play events for interested players.  Every Wednesday is Role Playing Game Night. We have tables set aside for your RPG group as well as events hosted by the us. See our full Calendar of Game Events here.

Miniatures Games

Do you need Miniature Game Supplies? We have them!! – order these online, and we’ll hold them for you, for pick up at your convenience:


We stock the complete line of Malifaux, the western/steampunk/horror game. You can shop our online store 24/7, and we’ll hold your purchases for pick-up at your convenience.

Board Games

In addition to the hundreds of board games we have for sale, The Haunted Game Cafe also has a large Open Game Library, with over 160 open boardgames and card games that our guests can enjoy in the cafe. There is no rental fee – we just ask that our guests buy one drink per guest.


 Magic the Gathering

The Haunted Game Cafe carries a large selection of Magic in both sealed product and singles. You can  shop 24-7 for Magic Singles on our online store. We’ll hold them for pick-up at your convenience. (The online store will need your address to process credit card purchases, but the card will not be shipped.) We also buy cards; to see if you have a card we want, search it here.

We also run multiple events for Magic each week, especially Friday Night Magic. Please see our game events calendar for the next Magic the Gathering event, pre-release, and tournament.