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2020 Gift Guide for Magic and other Collectible Card Games

by The Haunted Game Cafe on November 13, 2020

What do they want? More cards!

Every Magic player wants more cards!  Here are some quick and easy items to add to their collection.


Zendikar Rising Set Booster - $7.99 per pack

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Visit one of Magic’s most famous planes, now with 100% less Eldrazi! This fun set reintroduces the popular landfall mechanic and has a number of other interesting new cards as well. The new set booster introduces a brand new method of opening booster packs, designed to enhance the booster experience. Set boosters make a great stocking stuffer!





Zendikar Rising Commander Decks - $22.99 per deck.

Add to Cart - Zendikar Rising Commander Deck


Join forces with Obuun, MulDaya Ancestor and bend the power of the lands of Zendikar to your will, or build your party with Anowon, the Ruin Thief to explore the vast reaches of the living plane. Commander decks are playable out of the box or make great additions to any collection.




Unsanctioned - $54.99

Add to Cart - Unsanctioned


Even Magic players love a good laugh. Unsanctioned contains five 30-card decks made for dueling, themed around the hilarious tongue-in-cheek jokes that make the Un- sets famous. Duel with iconic creatures like Syr Cadian, Knight Owl, or Alexander Clamilton.




Be a Magic Santa with a singles list - Various

Shop Online Magic Singles Haunted Game Cafe

Sometimes the person you're buying for is looking for just a few cards to round out that deck they are building. Our Magic Singles inventory is all online at http://hauntedgamecafe.tcgplayerpro.com/ Have them provide a list and we’ll check it twice. You can pick up and pay in store, or pay online and we will ship anywhere in America!





Magic? What’s that?

Not every Card Game player has been bit by the MTG bug. Here are options for players who are looking to branch out.

Pokemon Boosters - $4.25 per pack

Pokemon Booster Packs Add to Cart

Pokemon’s current sets are themed around the brand new Sword and Shield game! With old staples and new monsters to add to their Pokedex, Pokemon boosters have something to offer to every player. Booster packs make great stocking stuffers!




Keyforge Mass Mutation 2-Player Starter Set or Archon Deck - $24.99 or $9.99 per deck

Keyforge Mass Mutation Add to Cart

Start playing the most unique card game on the planet. Every deck is a completely unique decklist, playable out of the box, and guaranteed to not be replicated anywhere on the planet. The 2-player starter set contains everything needed for two players to start the game. Archon decks make great stocking stuffers and give players options for how to compete to forge keys.




Arkham Horror: The Card Game - $44.99

Arkham Horror The Card Game

Strange things are afoot, and only your investigators can discover the truth. Each player takes the role of an investigator, building a deck of cards to fit their persona and uncover the strange goings-on around them. With multiple storyline expansions that also contain numerous investigator options, Arkham Horror: The Card Game melds story with strategy in an unrivaled pairing.




Marvel Champions: The Rise of Red Skull Campaign Expansion - $39.99

Marvel Champions The Rise of Red Skull Expansion

HYDRA is up to something, and it’s up to your heroes to figure out what! The first campaign expansion to Marvel Champions contains 2 new heroes (Hawkeye and Spider-Woman) and FIVE new villains, including the leader of HYDRA himself, Red Skull. Requires Marvel Champions base game to play ($59.99).




They have too many cards!

From compact traveling solutions to long-term storage solutions, every TCG player needs a way to keep their cards safe and out from underfoot. Whether on the go or stuck at home, these items help players keep their collection contained and pristine.


Dragon Shield card sleeves - $11.99 per box of 100 sleeves

Dragon Shield Logo

 Available in multiple colors and finishes, Dragon Shield sleeves are the premier card game sleeves for card protection and ease of shuffling.






Gamegenic Deck boxes - $17.99-$39.99

GameGenic Deck Boxes

Available in a selection of colors, sizes, and styles, Gamegenic deck boxes are a great solution for bringing your decks with you anywhere you may want to go. Many styles also have space for counters, dice, or tokens.