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2020 Gift Guide for Miniatures and Painting

by The Haunted Game Cafe on November 13, 2020

For miniature wargamers and painting hobbyists:

The Games

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Box

The most explosive translation of the Marvel Universe to tabletop! Build a team of your favorite heroes and villains, each beautifully sculpted and faithfully represented in the rules, and take them into battle against your opponent to gain control of the current Crisis. The gameplay is fast-paced and kinetic as characters get thrown about the battlefield, while powerhouses like The Hulk can smash his enemies with entire buildings! Easy to learn, but with enough variety and depth to keep you coming back for more, and the Core Box is all you need for two people to dive in! Great for bringing friends and family of any level into the hobby or just anyone who loves superheroes!


Star Wars: Legion Core Boxes

Everyone can recall the Battle of Endor or Geonosis, but the galaxy is big and there are many untold stories. Create the untold ground battles of Star Wars and lead legions of troopers, droids, and rebels into battle with all of the iconic characters you expect commanding them! Legion is a game of more traditional ground combat, but with the elements of Star Wars that we all love. The models are easy to assemble and the rules easy to learn, making Legion an excellent gift for people looking to get into miniature wargaming!



Warhammer 40,000 Elite Edition/Recruit Edition

The big bad of wargames! Warhammer 40K can be more than a little bit intimidating, but if you or anyone in your life are prepared to take that plunge, then this is where to start. Each box comes with hordes or models to assemble and paint plus everything you need to learn how to wage war in the 41st millennium!




The Essentials

Army Painter Precision Side Metal Cutters


Necessary for removing parts from the sprue before assembly. Great quality at an excellent price!



Army Painter Precision Hobby Knife

A must-have tool for cleaning up any mold lines or other artifacts from the casting process.




Citadel Plastic Glue

This is what brings it all together! Plastic glue welds the separate parts of a model together to create a strong bond.



Army Painter Wet Palette

Is your paint drying before you’ve finished your project? A wet palette is the solution! Waste less paint and even save your palette overnight if you want to finish later. A painting must-have, especially in dry climates.



The Accessories

Citadel Painting Handle


A great luxury item for painting that helps keep your models steady and also keeps any oils on your hands off of the models!



Citadel Mouldline Remover


It doesn’t do anything a hobby knife can’t do, but it speeds up the process of removing mold lines and reduces the risk of damage to the model or hobbyist!



The Painting

WizKids Premium Paints: Basic and Intermediate Cases


Both of these sets come with a huge collection of Vallejo paints, which are some of the best paints on the market! Whilst geared towards RPG minis, these sets make a fantastic gift for any painter just looking for quality paints.



WizKids Premium Paints: How to Paint Sets


Each of these sets include 8 quality Vallejo paints designed for painting a specific aspect of your tabletop campaign, from forbidden wilds to dark dungeons. And if that wasn’t enough, they also include a step-by-step guide, making these sets perfect for new painters!




Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments


Lots of pigments and an already-primed WizKids mini with which to try them out on. An excellent gift for any RPG player who needs to bring some life and color to their character!






An absolutely stunning range of premium metallic paints! The bold colors and color-shifting effects will have any painter clambering for an excuse to use them.