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2020 Gift Guide for The Geek in Your Life

by The Haunted Game Cafe on November 13, 2020

Playing Cards


Dragons! Harry Potter! History! Pretty art! There are plenty of options to choose from in our array of playing cards. There are endless games to play, and you can be sure that we have a deck that will please your geeky giftee!





Everybody wears clothes! Your giftee can represent their passions from dragons to gaming to Pride. We’ve got funny shirts, cute shirts, pretty shirts...
Dice: This is not the first time dice have made an appearance in the gift guide, but that’s because it’s impossible to have too many! We have so many gorgeous colors to choose from, and if you know a geek, it’s a reliable bet that they’d love another set of dice to ooh and aah over!



Keychains, Stickers, Patches, and Pins


We have an array of these decorative trinkets to spruce up drab everyday items! You can choose from a selection of these all in that dorky theme! 







Whether your geek loves Zelda games, the magic of Harry Potter, or the Marvel ‘verse, we have the swag for them! Bags, books, coasters, and more!




Jigsaw Puzzles


We have a variety of lovely pictures for your geek to reconstruct, with a range of difficulties!





There are several fan favorites that do great in all collections! If your geek is already into gaming or has expressed interest in getting started, we have some great games that would make awesome gifts that might give you and your geek a chance to play together!

Exploding Kittens: The cats will blow up players one by one; be the last man standing to win!
The Resistance: Two teams! One makes things happen, one sabotages. Figure out who is on your side to make sure the outcome of the resistance is the one you want!
Tofu Kingdom: Help the prince find the princess, or scheme to redirect the prince into the wrong arms!
Escape Room Games: Simulate an escape room in your own home! Each of these games is a “play once” experience guaranteed to make you think!
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Gift Cards


It’s never a bad thing to provide the opportunity to let someone pick out exactly what they want! If you know there’s bound to be something here at the Haunted Game Café that your geek would love but aren’t certain what, pick up a gift card and let them get what they’ve been wanting!