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Introducing: The Fireplace

by Haunted Employee on June 01, 2021

Hello! I'm Gary, the owner of the Haunted Game Cafe, here with Oscar for a special message:

Gary and Oscar in front of the Fireplace
"I wanted to thank you all for your continued support of the store through all the craziness that has been this last year." 
{Has it been a year!?! Time floats by like a will-o-the-wisp in the spirit world! But I have missed annoying the humans around here.}

We have always been glad to welcome all people into our space to play games and while we hated having to close the cafe, we're excited for the opportunity to make some awesome upgrades to the theme and design of the space.

{Much NEEDED, I’m the only one that’s been haunting up the place, we could use a few more spooks and scares…}

We anticipated another month or two before being ABLE to welcome everyone back to play games so not everything is in place yet. So the upgrades will be spread out over the next few months as we balance having people in-store to play games, learning the new systems for such, training new staff, and completing all of the stylistic elements that will create a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience for everyone.
{Finally I won’t be the only one doing all the Hauntin’ work around here!}
We hope you will join us in considering this our gift to you for your continued patience, support, and excitement as we complete quests on this adventure.
{and as an extra bonus, I’ll be telling you my very interesting life story as these humans bow to my wishes in making this more like my comfy old home, back, long long ago, before I ascended to the realm of the undead….}