About Us

A Hidden Portal to A Magical Place

When you step through our doors, you enter a world of endless possibility. You may fall back to the past, jump forward to the future, or slip sideways into another a realm altogether. You can conquer the world or save your species, build a new civilization or catch a killer.

Welcome to the Haunted Game Cafe, a host and haven for the denizens of the world of tabletop gaming since 2009.


An Open Invitation to an Exclusive Society

Board games predate the pyramids. For as long as there have been people, there have been games.

The games have evolved and expanded but the crucial things remain the same: they’re challenging, they’re entertaining, and they’re very, very communal. The people who play them - partakers of a literally ancient tradition - deserve to come out of the basement and gather in the light.


Every Amenity For the Discerning Gamer

From cribbage and Catan to Magic and minis, we cater to the needs of any and every proud gamer.

Whether you’re looking for community, for competition, or for a cup of coffee served against the backdrop of shuffling cards or tumbling die, you can find it at your very own exclusive clubhouse/arena/eatery: the Haunted Game Cafe. No secret handshake required.


Jobs at The Haunted Game Cafe

Want to join the spirits who haunt the cafe full time? There might just be room for one more! Download our Job Application and bring it to the cafe.