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From 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (Sun-Tue) - From 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (Wed-Sat)


Table Reservations


  • Guarantees that your party has a place to play.
  • Themed tables are prefect for setting the right mood.
  • All fees are per table not per person. Have up to 7 at a table with no extra charge
  • Cancel for a full refund up to 12 hours before your reservation.
  • 4 Hour time blocks available.

All tables are $10. This fee is per table, not per person and applies to both reservations and walk-ins. Tables can be reserved up to two weeks in advance. Reservations last for 4 hours. Cancel for a full refund up to 12 hours before your reservation. Click here to make a reservation.

Fireplace Table (1) - This Cthulhu-themed den can accommodate up to 7 people and includes a cozy chair by the fireplace under the unblinking stare of the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft.
D20 Table (2) - A large twenty-sided die casts light and shadow over this table for up to 7 people.
MtG Table (3) - Up to 6 people can use this table under the watchful stare of Ajani and Liliana.
Center Table (4) - Near the open game library, this table is perfect for board games. Seats 6 people.
Dragon Table (5) - This table is perfect for board games under the watchful gaze of a protective dragon. Seats 6 people.
Library Table (6) - Shelves of lost and forgotten lore line the tree branch shelves of the library table. Seats up to 7 people.
Skull Throne (7) - Do you dare claim the seat of dark power? Up to 7 people can use this corner booth including our amazing SKULL THRONE!
Trophy Room (8) - Up to 7 hardy adventurers can use this table in the alchemist's lair surrounded by the trophies of the many monsters you have slain.

Floor Plan - Cafe East Side Wall from North to South: Fireplace Table, MTG Table, Library Table, Skull Throne Table; Cafe West Side from North to South: D20 Table, Center Table, Dragon Table. Southern Enclosure contains the Trophy Room Table.

Table 1 - The Fireplace Table:
Photo of The Fireplace Table
Table 2 - The d20 Table:
Photo of the D20 Table
Table 3 - The Magic the Gathering Table:
Photo of the MTG Table
Table 4 - The Center Table:
Photo of the Center Table
Table 5 - The Dragon Table:
Photo of The Dragon Table
Table 6 - The Library Table:
Photo of The Library Table
Table 8 - The Trophy Room:
Photo of The Trophy Room Table
Table 7 - The Skull Throne:
Photo of The Skull Throne Table



Magic: The Gathering Events

Magic events are run through through the Wizards' Eventlink software. Friday Night Magic (Fridays at 6pm), Casual Commander (Saturdays at 6pm) and other casual events do not require sign up in advance. Large events like Prereleases and unique drafts will have a preorder listing on our website. Click here to see our event calendar!


Role Playing Game Events

Meet others interested in playing table top Role Playing Games. 
We host a "Looking for Game Meet & Greet" where players and game masters can meet others interested in starting home games. These events happen roughly once a quarter.
We also run 6 week long campaigns on a rotating cycle. Sign-ups are for all 6 weeks so make sure you are on our newsletter list to know when to sign up!

Take our survey and get on the RPG event mailing list here.


Learn to Paint Events

These classes will introduce you to the basics of painting miniatures for tabletop games or RPGs. No experience necessary. We will supply all of the models, tools, and paint you need. Come learn about this great hobby! Make sure to keep an eye on our mailing list to find out when we hold these events!



How long do events take?

Magic Draft and Prerelease events take about 4-5 hours. Most other events last about an hour.

How long can I reserve a table for?

Tables are currently available in four hour blocks. If you need something special, please contact a member of the staff and we'll see how best to help.

Can I use half a table for just two people?

We don't currently have the ability to split a table into two. 

I can reserve a table for a birthday party or similar event?

Yes! Reserve the table as normal. You're welcome to bring in any special food for the party. All we ask is that you purchase your drinks from us.

Can I book multiple tables at the same time?

Yes, if you would like to book multiple tables at the same time you may add multiple table reservations to your cart. If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff so we can help you.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Yes. If a table is open, you can "reserve" it right at the counter.

What if I am late or have to cancel?

We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes, after that time if we have not heard from you your reservation will be forfeit. 
Please let us know as soon as you need to cancel. Cancellations with more than 12 hours notice will receive a full refund. 

Can I book a table twice in the same day?

Yes, if you think you will need more than 4 hours then you may book a table for consecutive reservations.