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The Poe Tarot
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The Poe Tarot

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The Poe Tarot will appeal to a broad audience of both seasoned and non-seasoned readers as it follows traditional Tarot systems. The images are engaging yet straightforward and detailed enough to evoke countless interpretations. The artwork is at times whimsical and humorous and, at other times, skates the razor’s edge of the macabre. The artist chose black ink as the medium to reflect the use of quill and ink in homage to how Poe would have written his compositions. The Poe Tarot follows Poe as the main character, navigating
through the Fool’s journey while diving deep into the subconscious
realms to unveil what only he can through the wisdom of his works and
the teachings of the Tarot. Furthermore, the four suits are unique in their connection to the Tarot tradition and are as follows: Ink wells (cups), candles (wands), paws (coins), and quills (swords).