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Bizenghast 3 in 1 Collector's Edition Volume 2 - The Haunted Game Cafe
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Bizenghast 3 in 1 Collector's Edition Volume 2

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(W/A/CA) M. Alice Legrow

Adrift and in despair, Dinah will have to fight to keep her sanity, keep her life together and keep all hell from breaking loose in the Mausoleum! The town of Bizenghast holds many secrets, and Dinah will have to grow up and grow strong if she intends to seek out the truth. Hatred and murder underlie the very foundations of the town, and Dinah's struggle is only just beginning... This special collector's edition includes the full manga from Volume 4, 5, and 6 of the TOKYOPOP best-selling original series plus bonus content!