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Composition: A Cacophony of Words! Board Games Giga Mech Games
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Composition: A Cacophony of Words!

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Composition is a word spelling, card-drafting game that puts the player in the role of a maestro! Players compose words to earn roses and ultimately gain Ovations and Award cards. Whichever player has the most of these cards at the end of the game wins.

Each round a number of cards are laid out on the center of the table, with the maestro holding the baton choosing from the selection first. From these, players can choose between two face-down crescendo cards, face up note cards that are free to take, and the ghost note: a wild card that may be played as any letter! Players also might be able to purchase an Ovation card if they have enough roses!

Once all available cards are selected, players conduct a performance (spell a word). Players resolve abilities on cards, earn roses and potentially Awards, and a new round begins!

Sometimes players will uncover tomato cards that can mix the game up, so be sure to read them aloud and make sure their effects aren't getting thrown at you! Some