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Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids (Paperback) Books Ingram
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Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids (Paperback)

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You are in for an Amazing and Unforgettable Family Fun experience with these
exciting Collection of Riddles for your Children and the entire Family!
Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids: Riddles and Brain teasers for fun loving
families contains hundreds of riddles geared at challenging smart kids and the
entire family. They are written with the intention to test the lateral thinking
capability, logic and memory, engaging the brain to enhance its function.

This book will provide an exciting and fun experience for your kids and the entire
In it, you will discover the following:

Fun filled brain teasers at the family dinner.
Riddles for kids age 9-12
These riddles are ideal for family fun.
They are designed to keep your kids entertained for hours.
Logical thinking is exercised in solving the riddles
They are 100% kid friendly and appropriate content
These riddles are highly Ideal for family fun!
Lateral thinking enhancing riddles
I bet you these brain teasers will challenge the wits of both children and adults.
But there is a caveat: Get ready and don't be embarassed if your kids outsmart you!

This book is capable of keeping your loving kids and all their buddies busy and
fantastically entertained for long hours!