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Esper Genesis Core Manual (5E Edition) Dungeons & Dragons Studio 2
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Esper Genesis Core Manual (5E Edition)

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Brace Yourself for High Adventure in Hyperspace
Galaxies at war, high-tech gadgets and weapons, robots, aliens, starfighters, and ancient machines with the power to shape reality – All of these make the core of Esper Genesis, powered by the 5th Edition rules of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Taking on the role of a galactic hero, you can forge your destiny within a universe of advanced technologies and hidden mysteries.

This product contains:

Nine playable character races from the Silrayne Arc galactic setting.
Eight Character Classes
Sci-fi tailored backgrounds, equipment, and gear to round out your galactic pioneer
A full list of esper powers, allowing your characters to warp time, space, and matter
High-tech gear and weapons, including rules for modern weapons, burst fire, and explosives
Rules and options for modern and futuristic vehicles, space travel, and galactic exploration
A fully integrated starship combat system
A brief overview of the galaxy, people, and cultures