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Haunted Hosted RPG: Dungeons and Dragons (June '22 - August '22)
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Haunted Hosted RPG: Dungeons and Dragons (June '22 - August '22)

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Join a 6 session RPG campaign at The Haunted Game Cafe!

What am I playing?

The Barony of High Green was always a rugged border region, filled with rolling hills, great forests, and high mountains, making it a natural fortress for the Kingdom of Two Roses. For centuries though huge tracts of the Barony were de facto ceded to the Ancient Green Dragon Rovon as her personal hunting grounds and nature preserve. Traders and patrols in the past have only been granted right-of-way on defined routes through this territory, and their presence is only suffered if they do nothing to disturb Rovon's lands. But for the past five years Rovon has not been seen flying over the lands and those tentatively exploring the area have reported no recent signs of her presence.

The Baron has offered to pay in gold for anyone brave enough to explore the overgrown ancient ruins rumored to be dotting the countryside and generous payments for any valuable magical items or treasure recovered from the area. Finding these elusive treasures will be a challenge though, as no one has gone through and properly mapped these regions in a very long time, and few have emerged to speak of what they have seen within the area. But adventurers should be warned, although no one has seen Rovon in five years, she has tolerated, and even welcomed, many unusual and frankly dangerous creatures and groups to settle in her vast terrain.

Join GM Ed for a 1st level campaign of D&D 5th Edition!

This game is open to and encouraged for new players!

Who will I be playing with?

You will be playing with a minimum of 3 other players and Game Master Ed. There is a maximum of 6 players plus the GM.

What should I bring?

You are encouraged to bring your own set of dice and a favorite mini; although loanable dice and minis will be available if needed.

When are the sessions?

Thurs, June 23 - 6-10pm, Session 0**
Thurs, June 30 - 6-10pm, Session 1
Thurs, July 7 - 6-10pm, Session 2
Thurs, July 14 - 6-10pm, Session 3
Thurs, July 21 - 6-10pm, Session 4
Thurs, July 28 - 6-10pm, Session 5
Thurs, August 4 - 6-10pm, Session 6

The designated table will be available 15 min prior to start time and you are encouraged to come early to get yourself sorted with drinks and food should you desire.

**Session 0 is not required, although is very helpful for building characters and meeting your adventuring party

By signing up you agree to come to all 6 of your scheduled sessions, no refunds will be issued.