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Haunted Hosted RPG: Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday Library (? - ? '24) Events The Haunted Game Cafe
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Haunted Hosted RPG: Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday Library (July - August '24)

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To keep all Haunted Hosted Campaigns safe and comfortable for everyone we only allow sign ups from players aged 16 or older.

To allow everyone a chance to play in Haunted Hosted Campaigns we ask customers only register for one campaign per active season of play.

By signing up you agree to come to all of your scheduled sessions. No refunds will be issued.

Join an RPG campaign at The Haunted Game Cafe!

What am I playing?

You and your adventuring party... died. But despite all your heroic and selfless deeds, your soul is sent to suffer eternal torment in the Nine Hells! Did Asmodeus make a terrible mistake? Race on soul-powered infernal war machines through the barren wastelands of the Nine Hells and ask him yourself.

This game is a Mystery with Mad Max style racing/combat. It will heavily feature combat and is best for more experienced players.

Who will I be playing with?

You will be playing with a minimum of 2 other players and Game Master Haley (she/her). There is a maximum of 6 players plus the GM.

What should I bring?

You are encouraged to bring your own set of dice and a favorite mini, although loanable dice and minis will be available if needed.

When are the sessions?

July 10th, 6-10pm - Session 0
July 17th, 6-10pm - Session 1
July 24th, 6-10pm - Session 2
July 31st, 6-10pm - Session 3
August 7th, 6-10pm - Session 4
August 14th, 6-10pm - Session 5
August 21st, 6-10pm - Session 6

>The designated table will be available 15 min prior to start time and you are encouraged to come early to get yourself sorted with drinks and food should you desire.

**Session 0 is not required, although is very helpful for building characters and meeting your adventuring party

By signing up you agree to come to all of your scheduled sessions, no refunds will be issued.