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Mimics, An Unnecessary Work  archived
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Mimics, An Unnecessary Work

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    Welcome to Mimics, An Unnecessary Work. Designed as a completely worthless collection of ideas that gamemasters may turn to when tossing a mimic into their next dungeon, this title was created because I felt like jotting down some useless ideas that are likely as unnecessary as anything I have ever written. If you foolishly threw a handful of coins in my direction in exchange for this document, I apologize in advance. Though, to be fair, I did try to steer you away from spending your money on this creative effort; the name alone is a warning to all who might be tempted to buy this.


    This collection of useless thoughts is divided into four camps: 

     Making mimics magical. The front side of the work. I apologize in advance for the words that follow. This is a handful of ways in which you may modify the mimic, changing it into something more wondrous and magical.

     Mimic is imitating ideas. A 4d6 table as well as a 3d6 table, each offering some quick ideas when you’re stuck with the question: What is the mimic imitating this time? (Also on the front side.)

     What is that rascally mimic up to now? The reverse side, only accessible if you scroll to the second page of the PDF, is dedicated to a multitude of encounter ideas. So the adventurers have stumbled across a mimic in the dungeon? Well, this collection of incidents should be enough to get your own creative juices flowing. If not, just randomly roll on the table and make the best of a bad situation.

     A mysterious mimic’s lair. A compact, ready-to-run dungeon featuring . . . you guessed it! . . . a mimic! Surprise!