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Puzzlecraft (Paperback) Books ACD
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Puzzlecraft (Paperback)

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Puzzlecraft, the only book that teaches you how to make every kind of puzzle, is back! Seven years after its initial publication, this heavily revised and expanded book from puzzlemasters Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder contains over 100 sections of step-by-step instructions on making individual puzzle types, each with accompanying puzzles. In addition to classics like crosswords and sudoku, this new edition contains all new sections on escape rooms, interactive fiction, puzzle rallies, bonzas, variety cryptic crosswords, new Japanese logic puzzles, videogame puzzles, and much more. Plus there's a new foreword by NPR quizmaster Peter Sagal and a new adventure in the Maze of Games world. Become a puzzlecrafter today!

Ages: 14+

Created by: Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder, with Gaby Weidling and Francis Heaney and a foreword by Peter Sagal