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Wizard Trash Goblin Treasure RPG - Other RPGs & Accessories
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Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure RPG

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Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure is a madcap fantasy adventure of summoned autonomous drones, resourceful goblins, and a down-on-his-luck wizard with a penchant for transdimensional retail therapy.

Cornelius's hobby of summoning objects from modern-day Earth has gotten out of control.

Using the caves below his house as a dumping ground for unwanted items has led to the goblin denizens collecting high-tech gadgets and hip accessories. In order to seize direct control of this consumerist bounty, they captured Cornelius but got into a turf war with his summoned defensive drones.

Players will dodge drones and parley with goblins on their way to ~~rescue him~~ …make sure he's up to date on his taxes? Any rescuing is to be done on your own time and coin!

Written for Brighter Worlds but with stats for Cairn and the Common Rules for Adventure Campaigns by Knock for easy conversion into your system of choice.