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Introducing: The 20-Sided Chandelier Booth

by Haunted Employee on July 12, 2021
d20 lamp

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There seems to be a great debate among scholars now as to when “polyhedral dice” first began being used in games - many suspect ancient Egyptians or Greeks or Romans used these gaming dice because they have found examples of 20-sided polyhedrons - although they were not numbered 1-20 so if you ask me it’s a whole load of hooey. Others claim that this game of Dungeons and Dragons, that many of the humans who frequent the store play and talk about, was the first use of these dice for games. All these humans are wrong, unsurprisingly - because I was definitely the first to use numbered polyhedrons for gaming. My friends and I used to get together in the drawing room to create living stories (as we called them) which we randomized using polyhedrons.
The drawing room was notable for its intricate woodwork and the shutters in this room were much like this polyhedral chandelier (lamp). When the light came through the shutters it was easy to imagine yourself in another world, full of strangely shaped shadows and light from another realm. Unfortunately, there was a day that my very excellent butler was attempting to clean these shutters and they unbalanced and resulted in him reaching an untimely demise. The living stories were never the same after that; friends became enemies; enemies became friends; and secret treasure was less secret. Ok, that last one was pretty cool, because loot is always awesome, maybe our polyhedrons just needed a human sacrifice to fulfil their full potential...

May this light your way to excitements untold, treasures of wonder, and perfectly constructed NPCs that you’ll never trust...because surprise is the spice of life.

d20 table