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Magic: The Gathering Events

Magic events are run through through the Wizards' Eventlink software. Friday Night Magic (Fridays at 6pm), Casual Commander (Saturdays at 6pm) and other casual events do not require sign up in advance, but they will require you to check in using the Magic: The Gathering Companion app. (Download for iPhone by clicking here. Download for Android by clicking here.) Large events like Prereleases and unique drafts will have a preorder listing on our webstore.


Role Playing Game Events

Meet others interested in playing table top Role Playing Games. 
We host a "Looking for Game Meet & Greet" where players and game masters can meet others interested in starting home games. These events happen roughly once a quarter.
We also run multi-week campaigns on a rotating cycle called Haunted Hosted. Sign-ups are for the entire campaign, so make sure you check the dates. Haunted Hosted campaigns sell out extremely quickly, so please make sure you are on our newsletter list to know when to sign up!

Take our survey and get on the RPG event mailing list here.


Learn to Paint Events

These classes will introduce you to the basics of painting miniatures for tabletop games or RPGs. No experience necessary. We will supply all of the models, tools, and paint you need. Come learn about this great hobby! Make sure to keep an eye on our mailing list to find out when we hold these events!



How long do events take?

Magic Draft and Prerelease events take about 4-5 hours. Most other events last about an hour.

What if I'm late to an event?

Event check-in begins 60 minutes before the official event start time. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before start time so we have time to get everyone signed up correctly to start on time. If you are playing in an event with reserved spots, you will be in danger of losing your reserved seat to a present player on the waiting list if you are not here at least 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.

I can reserve a table for a birthday party or similar event?

Yes! Reserve a table at this link as normal. You're welcome to bring in any special food for the party. All we ask is that you purchase your drinks from us.