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(970) 402-2466

From 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (Sun-Wed) - From 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (Thurs-Sat)

How do I sell items to The Haunted Game Cafe?

First check out buylist on our Magic Singles webstore

When you have cards to sell us, bring them to a staff member to have them scanned into the system. Card orders over 10 will take 24 hours to be processed.

Beginning 3/15/2020 until the end of the current public health threat for everyone's safety, all buy orders will be subject to a mandatory grading period of 48 hours for payment. NO exceptions. 

Additionally, please do not give us sleeved cards; in order to grade cards, we must unsleeve them.  With many cards, that can be time consuming... and the less time it takes to grade your cards, the sooner you will be paid! 

You'll receive an automatic email once your cards have been graded and a final value has been determined. Please keep in mind that what we pay for cards depends on condition. We will confirm with you any major changes before completing the order. Extra cards not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned and become the property of The Haunted Game Cafe.

*Important* We are currently only buying English cards unless otherwise noted. If we receive foreign cards in place of English ones, we reserve the right to discount their price or return them to you at your expense.

Our buylist is updated often!

Have something to sell, but it's not on the list? Come in and talk to us at the shop, or send us an email at customer_service@hauntedgamecafe.com. There may be some obscure cards that are not yet on our buylist.

We offer payment via cash or store credit

We give 20% more in store credit on all items. Store credit is given out in the form of gift cards. Gift cards can be used on anything in the store, including drinks, food, and events. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to process cash payouts after 9pm. 

Please note that we usually only buy cards in Mint or Near Mint condition and in English. Cards graded below Near Mint may be bought by us at a lower price or returned to you at your expense.

*Important* Cards submitted to us that we grade at lower than Near Mint may be bought by us at a lower price or returned to you. Non-bulk rares (or valuable commons and uncommons) that arrive in worse than Near Mint condition may be returned to you at your expense. In addition, any bulk rare that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will be bought for a lower rate. If you wish to avoid these downgrades or shipping charges, please carefully check the condition of your cards before sending them in.


We Buy Bulk!

Don't see your cards listed? Don't worry, we buy bulk cards at the following rates:

$1 for 500 commons of a single color

$1 for 500 any basic land

$5 for 500 uncommons of a single color

$0.05 per rare

All cards must be in English and at least Light Play. We only buy in complete lots of 500.


Legal Stuff

The Seller agrees to sell goods to The Haunted Game Cafe for an agreed upon amount of cash or a store gift card. The Seller gives all rights of resale and receipts of resale to The Haunted Game Cafe. Seller acknowledges that the transaction is final and irreversible. There will be no further payments, no returns, and no refunds. Seller certifies that they have legal ownership of the goods, all rights to sell the goods, and that the goods were not obtained by illegal means. Seller acknowledges that the value of the goods may fluctuate post-sale.