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How do I sell Magic: The Gathering cards to The Haunted Game Cafe?

  • We will only accept one buylist per person at a time
  • We accept a MAXIMUM of 100 single cards plus any rares you want to sell at our Individual Rare or Mythic bulk card price. The bulk cards you bring in will not count towards your 100 card buylist limit but must be separated.
  • Cards must be priced over $2 for Rares or over $5 for Commons and Uncommons, Rare/Mythic cards priced at less than $2 may be submitted as bulk cards, Commons and Uncommon cards priced at less than $5 we will accept as bulk cards provided that they are in sets of 500 cards.
  • There is a 48 HOURS minimum grading period on cards. Do not expect to hear from us before 48 hours have passed, we are unable to rush orders. Buylists are graded in the order they are received and as such the length of time it takes will depend on how many other buylists we are currently in the process of grading as well as other factors.
  • Unsleeve all cards that you are selling to us. We will not accept buylists containing sleeved cards. If a select card needs a sleeve we can provide a penny sleeve for storage.
  • Card offers will be dependent on card condition. Most of the time we will only accept cards in Near Mint or Light Play conditions. If you need a guide on what Near Mint and Light Play conditions are please see the TCG guidelines: https://help.tcgplayer.com/hc/en-us/articles/221430307-How-can-I-tell-what-condition-a-card-is-in-
  • All cards must be in English or Alternate Language Variant. [Alternate Language Variants include: Phyrexian, Region Specific Cards]
  • Gift Card Offer is 10% more than the Cash Offer.
  • Cash payments over $150 will be through Paypal instead of cash.
  • We cannot split buylists between cash and gift card payments. If you would like to obtain both cash and gift card payments you will have to submit cards as two separate buylists, keeping in mind that we will only allow each customer one buylist at a time. You are welcome to submit another buylist upon payment for the previous buylist.

Bulk Pricing:

  • 500 Commons: $1
  • 500 Land (any color): $1
  • 500 Uncommons: $5
  • 500 count bulk pricing only applies to full sets of 500 cards.
  • Individual Rare or Mythic card: $0.05
  • Bulk cards do not qualify for the 10% Gift Card increase

The Legal Stuff:

The Seller agrees to sell goods to The Haunted Game Cafe for an agreed upon amount of cash or a Haunted Game Cafe gift card. The Seller gives all rights of resale and receipts of resale to The Haunted Game Cafe. Seller acknowledges that the transaction is final and irreversible. There will be no further payments, no returns, and no refunds. Seller certifies that they have legal ownership of the goods, all rights to sell the goods, and that the goods were not obtained by illegal means. Seller acknowledges that the value of the goods may fluctuate post-sale. If The Seller does not pick up the item(s), or contact regarding payment, within 30 days of being contacted, it will be considered abandoned and become the property of The Haunted Game Cafe.