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Introducing: The Library Booth

by Haunted Employee on June 15, 2021

This is the library booth that I, Oscar, designed to remind me of the library in my old house.

library booth

The house library was one of the most expansive rooms of the house - both in the physical space and in the way it allowed me to begin my travels to other worlds. I journeyed through many worlds as a child, often reading my favorite books over and over again until the story became an inherent part of my being. Books allowed me to explore innumerable facets of myself and definitely aided in my ability to retain form once my physical being was resigned to stop existence as a living form. 
As my childhood turned into my teenage years, I began to seek out those who wrote the words to create the worlds of which I was so fond. I became great friends with all three of these authors and each put a little something of me in their work which pleases me to no end. It’s nice to know that I was worshiped by humans in life, as well as now, in death. I briefly considered being an author but they only imagine the adventures and worlds in their books, whereas I wanted to live the adventures. 
And look at me now! Death full of adventures and fun! Life can be full of twists of fate, turns of events, and unknowable outcomes but one constant truth is that books always lead into adventure. (As does death - if one has the fortitude to survive it…) 
Each of these books has earned their place on the shelf, and I hope that you will have a chance to enjoy their journeys as much as I do. If you’re very lucky, you may find yourself in an adventure that continues beyond the expiration of a physical body - just like me! 

library booth