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Adventure Party: The Role-Playing Party - Board Games
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Adventure Party: The Role-Playing Party Game

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A cooperative, party-weight, guessing game that delivers a robust role-playing experience.

You and your friends are classic fantasy characters facing up to 3 unique adventure scenarios - but you will be rolling your 20-sided die behind your player screen so no one can see the result. Based on your roll, you will describe your characters plan of attack - and then what happens... with enough detail that the GM (Guess Master) can guess as close to your roll as possible, scoring party XP points.

But how do you describe, narratively, the difference between a success of 13 from a 14? That’s the fun of the game!

• Rolling a “20” is heroic. Rolling a “1” is hilarious as you describe just how badly things go. Every roll makes for an amazing adventure and wonderfully memorable play!

• Appeals to dyed-in-the-wool Role-Players as well as newer “role-play curious” customers, who can jump into their first game after 2 minutes of rules explanation.

Contents: 12 Character Screens, 49 Item cards, 8 twenty-sided dice, 32 Adventure cards, 6 Transition cards, Soundtrack Guide, 101 tokens, Character sheet pad, GM Stand.