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Warhammer 40K

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The perfect introduction to the hobby of collecting, building and painting Citadel miniatures, this ..
Availability: 3
A huge, ancient robot built ten thousand years ago, the Kastelan Robot is a perfect example of the A..
Availability: 1
Harnessing the energies of forge worlds within their curious weaponry, the Rangers of the Skitarii a..
Availability: 1
The abhumans known as Bullgryns are a formidable sight to behold. Clad in custom-made carapace armou..
Availability: 1
The Imperial Guard is a vast fighting formation and for its operations to go smoothly a substantial ..
Availability: 1
Heavy Weapon Teams are either part of normal Imperial Guard squads or they can be grouped together t..
Availability: 2
Imperial Guard platoons are made up of several ten-man squads. In the face of the enemy the serried ..
Availability: 1
Bloodletters of Khorne Out Of Stock
The Bloodletters form the core of the vast legions of the Lord of Battle. Believed to have been fore..
Availability: Out Of Stock
The Chaos Cultists can be found almost anywhere the Imperium has spread. At first glance they are in..
Availability: 1
The cruel terror troops known as Raptors consider themselves the elite of the Chaos Space Marine war..
Availability: 1
A hard-wearing, tough plastic cube containing 20 green 12mm dice with skull icons in place of the 1,..
Availability: 1
The Adeptus Custodes are the Emperor’s personal guard. For ten thousand years they have stood sentin..
Availability: 1
Wraithguard are constructs made from wraithbone, imbued with the spirit stones of dead Eldar. There ..
Availability: 1
Daemons of Khorne Start Collecting! -20%
Relentless and unstoppable, existing only to destroy, these Daemons are the deadly foot soldiers of ..
Availability: 1
$85.00 $68.00
Casting vindictive glares at their enemies and blasting them apart with mystical fire, Blue Horrors ..
Availability: 1