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Alien RPG Starter Set Other RPGs & RPG Accessories Free League Publishing
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Alien RPG Starter Set

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This is a starter set for the official ALIEN tabletop roleplaying game - a universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship, where synthetic people play god while space truckers and marines play host to newborn ghoulish creatures.

The boxed Starter Set is designed to be the perfect entry point into the game and the ALIEN universe. It contains everything needed to start playing:

  • A 104-page condensed rulebook
  • The 48-page complete Cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods by Andrew E.C. Gaska
  • Five pre-generated characters to play
  • A huge full-color, double-sided map (format 864x558mm), with one side depicting chartered space in the year 2183 and the other floor plans for the Chariot of the Gods scenario
  • 84 game markers for keeping track of characters, motion tracker pings, and more
  • 56 high quality custom cards for weapons, personal agendas, and initiative in combat
  • A set each of ten engraved Base Dice and ten Stress Dice, designed specifically for the ALIEN roleplaying game