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Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter Paint & Tools Army Painter
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Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter

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The Army Painter’s Plastic Frame Cutter is a sprue cutter designed to remove plastic components from its sprue frame.

Assembling miniature figures and models requires meticulous precision. The Army Painter’s Plastic Frame Cutter is designed with thin, sharp blades that allow for precise and clean cuts so you can separate the small, delicate components from the sprue without damaging them.

The Army Painter’s Plastic Frame Cutter – sprue cutter, plastic clippers, or nippers, as it’s also called – is designed with an ergonomic handle for comfort and control and with an anti-slip grip. Made from hard-wearing stainless steel and built to last, this cutter is an investment that will serve you well for countless projects. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the demands of your hobby.

The Plastic Frame Cutter is designed with safety in mind. It provides controlled, precise cuts, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries compared to using a hobby knife or scissor, which can easily slip or cause unintended harm.

Whether you’re working on Warhammer, tabletop RPGs, or any other miniatures, this cutter is adept at handling various plastic materials. It’s suitable for a wide range of miniatures, model kits, scale models, and other crafting hobbies that involve cutting small plastic components, making it your all-in-one solution.

  • Heavy duty plastic wire cutters able to cut models from the sprue as easy as pie
  • Sharp and precise cutting.
  • Easy to hold - Designed with a safety grip handle that allows comfortable cutting without slipping!
  • Perfect for cutting plastic sprues.