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Frank Herbert's Dune The Board Game Board Games Galeforce 9
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Frank Herbert's Dune The Board Game

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The Dune Board Game from Gale Force Nine is an updated reprint of the classic Avalon Hill game. Set thousands of years in the future, the Dune Board Game is based on Frank Herbert`s novels about an arid planet at the heart of a human space empire`s political machinations.Players take on the role of one of the power groups in the politics of the planet Arrakis. The game board, which represents the planet, is split into a number of territories, five of which are strongholds. Players move their units from territory to territory, and if two or more players enter the same territory, a battle ensues and the contest is resolved using a hidden bidding system. Victory in the game is achieved by controlling a specified number of strongholds, either alone or in an alliance with other players.