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Map Tiles: Forests Dungeons & Dragons Kobold Press
Map Tiles: Forests Dungeons & Dragons Kobold Press
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Map Tiles: Forests

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Draw your table into the foreboding woods beyond the edge of civilization with Map Tiles: Forests! Forge a path through 24 lovingly illustrated 7”x 7” map tiles featuring abandoned camps, long-forgotten ruins, perilous river-crossings and other exciting opportunities for forest adventure! Whether your players are assaulting a bandit camp or creeping their way through a web-choked spider lair, all the wonder and terror of the deep, dark woods are at your fingertips with Map Tiles: Forests! This 24 erasable-map tile set includes:

• Forest Path
• Snaking Forest Trail
• Fortified Trail
• Forked Paths
• Dark Cavern Entrance
• Floral Meadow
• Ancient Mossy Statue
• Abandoned Mine Entrance
• Serene Clearing
• Overgrown Platform
• Abandoned Camp
• Hidden Game Trail
• Clear-Cut Wood
• Ambush Ravine
• Felled Ancient Log
• Spider Lair Entrance
• Pitched Forest Camp
• Log Bridge Crossing
• Tranquil Forest Pool
• Rocky Stream Bend
• Thickly Wooded Trail
• Rough Hewn Paths
• Tumbling Rapids
• Caveside Pond
• Plunging River