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Master's Maze Dungeon Walls Other RPGs & RPG Accessories Brybelly
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Master's Maze Dungeon Walls

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The Master's Maze Dungeon Walls add a new dimension to your tabletop games: namely, the third dimension! Construct twisting, winding corridors and claustrophobic dead ends. Visualize line of sight and partial cover. Then, try using our included tunnels and traps to pack your dungeon full of environmental hazards.

The Master's Maze includes 100 double-sided terrain tiles that stand in included clear plastic bases. They're a quick and easy way to get your 3D dungeon started that doesn't require a 3D printer or a dragon's hoard of gold coins to get started. The full set of tiles includes blank walls and different kinds of theming that you can choose to use for story and dungeon hooks. Does the party need to consider light sources? Use the torch sconce walls.

Included Tiles:

  • 42x Standard Blank Walls/Torches
  • 8x Open Stonework Doors
  • 8x Locked Doors
  • 6x Reinforced Wooden Doors
  • 2x Spike Walls
  • 2x Book Cases
  • 2x Broken Walls
  • 2x Shabby Tunnel Entrances
  • 2x Spell/Bomb Blasted Walls
  • 2x Spell/Bomb Blasted Silhouettes
  • 2x Blood Spatter
  • 2x Boss Doors
  • 8x Sets of Activated/Deactivated Runes

Each dungeon wall tile is sized 3" x 3" and is scaled to 25-28mm heroic scale miniatures. Treat each inch as 5 feet, and you have 15-foot square walls. Place cards one inch apart to create a claustrophobic corridor, two inches apart for a narrow causeway, and three inches apart for a standard dungeon crawl.