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Rainbow d20 Keychain Toys & Gifts Brybelly
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Rainbow d20 Keychain

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You've traveled the Plains of Iridune gaining the favor of kings and delved into the Crypt of Oney One-Leg searching for forgotten treasures. Now you have a relic you can take with you that exhibits your exploits with this D20 Polyhedral Keychain! Wiz Dice is taking its first steps into accessories for our fans with this prismatic beauty. The keychain d20 is just like the ones you use to play with in your campaigns, featuring a metal construction and white dragon pips. The pearlescent color design relfects light so it's very eye-catching!

Why You'll Love It
This keychain makes a perfect gift for the gamer, dungeon master, or fellow party member in your life! Fasten it to your backpack, shoulderbag, luggage, key ring, or take off the key ring and create your own dice jewelery using the chain. It's a versatile accessory that you'll love to show off. The split key ring is also reinforced so this D20 can stand up to crowded convention escalators, cramped stowaway bins, and practically anything else you can throw at it!