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Spy Escape Room Games: Special Operations Executive Training (Paperback) Books Ingram
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Spy Escape Room Games: Special Operations Executive Training (Paperback)

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Have you ever wanted to become a spy, and experience the dangers and thrills of underground resistance work? This interactive Spy Escape Room give you the chance! This game is the first in the series of Second World War spy games that will take you through recruitment and training to join the SOE, the British home of espionage and secret warfare. The year is 1940, and Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Being unable to join the standard military, you have been thinking of other ways that you can help the war effort. As you sat down with your morning tea, you flick through your post and see that it contains an envelope addressed in an unfamiliar hand. You open it and see that it contains a letter with just a London address and time, and a crossword. Intrigued, you start complete it, unaware that this is the first stage in assessing your suitability to join the Special Operations Executive - the SOE.

Working through a series of 12 tests, you will first assess your suitability, then work through the training programme needed to ensure you can deploy into occupied territory as prepared as possible. These games are puzzles, riddles and military themed tests that are based on actual historical facts and events. As you progress through, you will also be introduced to real agents who risked their lives in the war. Written by military historians, it also takes personal stories from 'Voices of War', a military database that holds thousands of real life personal histories of war. How to play: Purchase of this paperback book will give you the instruction manual and some historical background with your access to the game.

You can use the paperback to give as a gift, or to have a physical copy of the history, with the access codes to the game included. To play the game you will need an internet connection as it is in an online format. You can play in a group, or share with friends with the link inside the book. We recommend opening on a desktop, laptop or tablet for optimum game play, using your kindle app, or kindle cloud reader. You can use a group chat feature such as whatsapp or zoom if you play with friends remotely. You will all be able to access the game simultaneously.