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Terrain Crate Dungeon Essentials RPG Miniatures Alliance
Terrain Crate Dungeon Essentials RPG Miniatures Alliance
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Terrain Crate Dungeon Essentials

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Bring your tabletop to life! TerrainCrate is a brand new range of affordable, plastic, pre-assembled terrain that's ready straight from the box. Create the dungeon of your dreams with a huge range of incredibly detailed scenery. Whether you want a dragon's hoard, a dank corridor full of traps, a king's chamber or a wizard's study packed with arcane knowledge, TerrainCrate has the ideal set for you!

The dark places where adventurers must go to seek their fortune are not blank empty spaces, but the remains of ancient civilisations. This set gives you doors, chests, tables, bookshelves and other accessories to flesh out the areas of your adventures.

This set contains 32 pre-coloured pieces, including:

1 Brown Wooden Double Doors
3 Brown Wooden Doors
1 Brown Portcullises
4 Brown Chests bases
4 Brown Chests lids
4 Brown Barrels
2 Brown Tables
2 Brown Bookcases
1 Brown Lectern with open book
1 Brown Dwarf Weapon Rack
1 Brown Stone Altar
1 Brown book for alter
1 Brown Stone Throne
1 Brown Stone Well
Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purposes only and are not included.